Apr 25, 2022

Agent Productivity Updates to [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud (March 2022)

Ananth Srinivasan
By Ananth Srinivasan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Good things come to those who wait. Fortunately, our customers don’t wait long—we release [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud™ enhancements every month!

In this blog, I’ll describe the top March 2022 updates in agent productivity.

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Agent productivity updates: Assure customers of confidentiality

Do your customers shy away from providing sensitive information (e.g., credit card numbers)  to your agents? Boost issue resolution rates by building customer trust with new Confidential Cards—a type of Active Card available in [24]7 Active Share™—that enable customers to share sensitive information mid-conversation while shielding it from agent view.

  • Create Confidential Cards same as you do Active Cards.
  • Link Confidential Cards (child cards) with other Active Cards (parent cards).
  • Assign any Active Card as a Confidential Card.

Agent productivity updates: Enable customers to securely share images

Wouldn’t your agents resolve customer issues more quickly if, when appropriate, they could see customer-supplied supporting images? Open Channel Image Transfer, a new [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud messaging feature, enables customers to share visual aids via any internet-connected medium.

  • Customers share rich images much as they do in other digital channels.
  • Configure standard image types and sizes per channel.

Agent productivity updates: Improve Active Card adoption

Looking for ways to get more customers to accept Active Cards, a [24]7 Active Share feature, so agents resolve complex journeys more quickly and easily? Enable your agents to use a custom, company-branded URL to share when they invite customers to use Active Cards.

  • Alleviate consumer security concerns and improve Active Card adoption.
  • Super admins customize a URL with a single click.

Agent productivity updates: Use visual forms to speed task completion

Why not enable your agents and customers to complete tasks—such as appointment booking and setting up pre-authorized payments—more quickly? Use Card Designer, a [24]7 Active Share feature, to create customizable, visual forms for securely exchanging information across channels.

  • Self-serve capability empowers teams to build and customize cards for unique use cases.
  • Personalize interactions at scale by quickly building new cards, and modifying existing ones, using an enhanced, intuitive designer interface.

Agent productivity updates: Reduce agent toggling

How much time would your agents save if they didn’t have to toggle between multiple systems and consoles in every conversation? Use the new [24]7 Assist™ web widget to integrate the product with your web-based applications such as CRM, knowledgebase, and ticket management systems.

  • Load applications into an iFrame container in the Agent workspace.
  • Integrate any application that’s not iFrame restricted.

Bonus! Personalized advertising updates: Reach consumers on Facebook

Are you struggling to drive growth through digital advertising? Use the enhanced Facebook integration capabilities in [24]7 Target™ , which leverages the power of big data and machine learning to create highly personalized and dynamic digital advertising, to reach your audiences on the world’s most-used platform.

  • Use an intuitive interface to define your digital ad campaign’s objectives and targeting criteria.
  • Conform to the latest Instagram and Facebook ad formats.
  • Target audiences whether they’re on Facebook or simply browsing the internet.

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