Jan 19, 2018

How Does [24]7.ai Compare to the Competition?


How Does [24]7.ai Compare to the Competition

In our digital age, paid media campaigns are an effective way for advertisers to connect with customers but not all paid media campaign platforms are the same. Though all reliable vendors offer the same basic capabilities, some are more effectively harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to set themselves apart. With the sheer number of platforms and vendors available, it can be difficult for business owners to determine which one offers the tools and functionalities that will work best for their needs.

To help organizations make informed decisions, MarTech Today recently published Enterprise Paid Media Campaign Management Platforms: A Marketers Guide, a comprehensive report that profiles and analyzes a number of leading paid media campaign management platforms. Were proud to be included as a leading vendor.

Below, we review the tools all paid media campaign platforms should possess and examine some of the functionalities that help set [24]7.ai Customer Acquisition Cloud apart.

How [24]7.ai Stacks Up


MarTech Intelligence Report ranking of leading paid media campaign management platform capabilities.

✓ Multichannel Media Support

As technology and consumer habits evolve, paid advertising has gotten more sophisticated, offering advertisers new and exciting ways to connect with consumers. Viable campaign management platforms should allow businesses to run integrated campaigns by supporting all key channels, including search, display, social, video, and mobile.

✓ Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns are a visually dynamic way for businesses to get in front of customers, promote their products and increase web traffic. Virtually all platforms support Google Shopping Campaigns, but some overlook Bing, which receives over 8 million search queries each day. Why limit yourself when you can have it all? [24]7.ai supports both shopping campaign types.

✓ Intent-Based Audience Targeting

Do you ever feel like internet ads know you better than you know yourself? Isnt it funny how products or services youre interested in have an uncanny way of appearing front and center on an internet page near you? Advances in technology have helped advertisers better pinpoint individual interests and buying habits in order to put the right message/offer in front of the right person. Effective search platforms like the [24]7 Customer Acquisition Cloud support this type of audience-based targeting and offer additional integration with data management platforms to help you make the most of your advertising budget.

✓ Multichannel Attribution Models

Having a clear picture of the chain of events that led to your customers taking a desired action is essential to continuing to effectively engage with them. A useful platform should not only help you identify and measure your various advertising efforts, it should use collected data to help you more efficiently allocate your budget across paid media channels.

✓ Integrated Call Tracking and Analytics

Voice is still an incredibly popular and important channel call tracking is the cherry on the voice channel cake, because it provides valuable insight into which keywords and advertising efforts are getting customers to pick up the phone and call your company. When looking for a paid search platform, choose one like the [24]7.ai Customer Acquisition Cloud that offers easy integration with various call tracking and analytics providers.

✓ Bid Frequency

This functionality is an important differentiator between leading platforms - and an area where [24]7.ai really shines. How often platforms bid on keywords and how frequently bids are adjusted throughout the day can make a huge difference to your PPC success. While most platforms bid a few times each day, the [24]7 Predictive Search Bidding platform bids up to 168 times each day, which ensures your budget is always optimized and being used most effectively.

Choosing a paid media campaign platform shouldnt feel like an impossible task. Work with a vendor you can trust contact [24]7.ai today and learn how we can help you automate tasks, improve productivity, connect with customers, and enjoy a greater ROI.

Benefits of Automated Campaign Management Platforms

The complexities of paid media advertising make it a perfect candidate for automation. Using a trusted paid media platform offers a number of benefits, including:

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Improve Campaign Performance

Streamline Reporting


▪ Automate tasks

▪ Simplify day-to-day campaign management

▪ Increase employee productivity

▪ Optimize bids in real time

▪ More efficiently allocate budget

▪ Built-in reporting capabilities reduce time and errors

▪ Customizable reporting for different needs

▪ Platforms can upload and manage millions of keywords across search engines

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