Apr 07, 2021

Reduce Average Handle Time with Visual Voice Technology

Sarika Prasad, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Reduce Average Handle Time with Visual Voice Technology

Because voice is the costliest channel, contact centers are under constant pressure to reduce average handle time (AHT), increase first call resolution (FCR), and make calls effective. It’s not easy.

Customers pick up the phone when they need to resolve complex intents and transactions (see Deloitte survey results, below). But when these calls get routed to an agent, agents may have to read lengthy documents and go through complex details out loud, which increases call time and, not coincidentally, customer frustration.

Average Handle Time with Visual Voice Technology
*Deloitte Contact Center Trends 2019

Hear Better with Visual Voice Technology

Today, most customers call companies on a smartphone or similar device, which presents a significant opportunity for call centers to add visual, interactive content to enrich conversations and simplify complex intents. According to the CX Reality Check report, 93 percent of customers believe sharing visual information improves support and product experiences.

Imagine giving voice agents the power to walk customers through complex information using personalized visuals—such as comparing phone plans, considering hotel options, or reviewing terms and conditions.

Economic Times Business Excellence Award

Benefits of Voice Visualization Technology

The interactive multimodal voice experience goes far beyond the typical phone call. Upgrading your voice channel to incorporate interactive imagery enables your company to meet the expectations of today’s digitally minded consumers, increasing customer satisfaction and boosting engagement while simultaneously reducing AHT and increasing FCR.

  • Provide a superior customer experience—Visual voice technology minimizes customer effort, offering customers an easy and intuitive way to complete plan changes, place orders, manage rewards, and more—all without interrupting the call. Customers may submit information themselves, and get help from an agent as needed.
  • Speed call resolution/shorten average handle time—Voice visualization transforms voice agents from order takers into customer collaborators and problem solvers. They easily steer customers through complex interactions such as setting up products or completing forms. Visual voice technology shortens AHT for common journeys such as explaining bills, accepting terms and conditions, and validating accounts.
  • Simplify complex conversations—Visual phone calls enable customers to directly review, and acknowledge acceptance of, standard text-based information such as legal notices and terms and conditions.
  • Boost sales conversions—Visual voice calls increase sales conversions with targeted content, product images, custom recommendations, and plan comparisons. Customers more easily understand and compare offers when agents both show and tell, leading to informed decision making, frictionless experiences, and speedier conversions.

Voice Visualization in Different Industries

Transform the customer experience across various industries by modernizing your voice channel with visual content.

Financial Services organizations boost collections, reduce AHT, simplify compliance, and increase conversions by pushing personalized content to customers.

  • Apply/new accounts applications/enrollments
  • Balance transfer
  • Fraud alerts > File a claim
  • Compliance
  • Rewards
  • Collections: Program comparison, Agree to terms
  • Terms and conditions
  • Select payment plan
  • Schedule payment or update payment information

Travel and hospitality companies increase sales conversion by showing travelers their options—flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, and more.

  • Flight options
  • Seat bookings
  • Change flights 
  • Room options
  • Rooms upgrades
  • Car rentals

Telecom companies let subscribers activate and manage their accounts and add visualization to a range of journeys.

  • Bill explanation
  • Terms and conditions
  • Plan comparisons
  • Plan changes
  • Troubleshooting

Retail companies boost sales when their customers see all the options for themselves.

  • Compare products
  • Complete purchase
  • Check order status
  • Process returns

[24]7 Active Share Brings Visualization to Voice Calls

The [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud™ platform includes [24]7 Active Share™, a product that empowers voice agents to deliver personalized, interactive digital content right to a caller’s smartphone or other mobile device. Active Share works natively on web browsers without requiring any plugins, apps, or add-ons, or significantly modifying your existing voice infrastructure.

How it works: Agents invite callers to a secure live-sync session via email or SMS and then push digital content, via active cards, to the customer’s screen. Callers view and interact with the active cards without needing to log in to a website or grant control to the agent, even when agents choose to co-view and co-browse the active card for greater collaboration.

Co-browse is limited to the current website experience while Active Share creates new ways to interact. Agents may customize active cards using the card designer tool and repurpose them across other digital channels.     

Take the Next Step

Whether you’re looking to elevate voice calls or add rich interactive content to all your customer service channels, [24]7.ai has a framework to match your needs.

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