[24]7 AIVA Powers both Speech and Digital Channels

[24]7.ai | August 16, 2017

Today, we officially rolled out [24]7 AIVA as part of our 2017 Summer Release. AIVA is our industry-leading AI-powered Virtual Agent that enables businesses to build once and deploy across any self-service channel. It’s built on [24]7.ai’s common technology platform for both self-service and assisted service channels, and it allows companies to better anticipate what their customers are trying to achieve, to deliver a more personalized experience.

AIVA is a powerful and differentiated technology. It’s the only Virtual Agent solution built on one code base for digital and speech channels. This means we’ve broken down the siloes between voice and digital, self-service and assisted service. Businesses can now build one Virtual Agent solution that acts as a concierge across multiple channels by supporting web, messaging, mobile, IVR and more.

What’s even more unique is AIVA’s ability to predict intent – in other words, what is a customer trying to accomplish? The solution’s intent prediction is based on 1.6 billion customer interactions, which means it’s highly accurate at figuring out what a customer needs, and delivering the right kind of resolution. AIVA is tightly integrated with [24]7 Chat, and can seamlessly escalate a customer to a human agent if a request cannot be completed within self-service.

One of AIVA’s standout features is its ability to understand natural language – not simply absorbing the words a customer is saying or typing, but getting to the heart of what those words actually mean. Since humans often communicate in vague terms, the ability to understand consumer intent is critical. For example, when a consumer calls a phone company and says “I hate my phone,” AIVA can understand that the consumer is frustrated, and may be looking for a new device.

The technology’s conversational design and language modeling enables AIVA to respond as effectively as a company’s best human agent, and it’s built on Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology from Microsoft. This yields 95% higher speech recognition accuracy than competitors, and enables AIVA to detect things like slang and accents.

The [24]7.ai Summer Release 2017 also includes the following enhancements:

  • [24]7 Active Share - This “online canvas” enables phone agents to share visual experiences with voice callers. [24]7 Active Share now features the ability to when someone is online, and share information to the consumer’s desktop via a feature called Active Cards, without the need to send an invite. The Visual Content Composer tool that makes it easy to build these Active Cards in minutes.
  • [24]7 Chat – [24]7 Chat is now tightly integrated with [24]7 AIVA, and a new chat widget enables integration into any third-party desktop.

This is launch promises to create a big impact for businesses looking to enhance their customer experience, and empowers customers to connect with companies on the channels most convenient for them.