[24]7 and IntelliResponse: In Many Ways a Perfect Pairing

Guest Blog Post | November 09, 2014

Today [24]7.ai announced the strategic acquisition of a great company that is the market leader in virtual agent and digital self-service, IntelliResponse. Bringing IntelliResponse into [24]7.ai is a perfect pairing as the combination of virtual agents and [24]7.ai’s chat software create a seamless engagement for self-service through to assisted service.

A while ago the [24]7.ai team recognized the problem consumers were facing when they interacted with company websites. They would readily interact with the virtual agent but at some point their questions would be too specific or complex and they would need to interact with a chat agent or the call center. At that point, the customer journey would break because the chat agent would not know anything about the context of the online journey and consumers just won’t accept this anymore. Like you, I am frustrated when I have to constantly “start over” in a conversation with my wireless provider, cable provider or bank. [24]7.ai can solve this problem by connecting these channels in innovative ways.

Here’s just one example of how the combination of IntelliResponse’s virtual agents and [24]7.ai chat will integrate and work together. A customer goes to her wireless provider’s website and enters a question with the virtual agent asking if she is eligible for a particular wireless plan option. When her questions become more specific and complex the virtual agent, using [24]7.ai’s data and predictive analytics, escalates the customer to a chat agent that is better suited to resolve a more narrowly focused query. The customer and data are then seamlessly transferred to a chat agent, improving the customer experience without losing the context of the journey. The customer’s queries are quickly answered, improving business results and customer satisfaction.

[24]7.ai’s goal is to make a consumer’s interaction with a large enterprise as simple as it is with the large B2C companies like Amazon and Uber. They have figured out how to make these interactions natural, simple, and at times thrilling with their simplicity. [24]7.ai does this at the enterprise level now and I think companies have a massive opportunity to differentiate by creating great experiences.

The combination of IntelliResponse and [24]7.ai completes the self-service and assisted service suite of solutions. Together the teams will be able to make virtual agents even smarter by combining the virtual agent technology with the predictive platform and provide end-to-end customer engagement. Another benefit is the richer voice of the customer analytics and insights for cross-channel journeys.

The pairing of [24]7.ai and IntelliResponse is perfect in many other ways too. I’m pleased to extend the company’s global footprint to Toronto. When I met David Lloyd and his team at IntelliResponse I found that we share a passion for customer experience, dedication to innovation and technology, and a “can do” attitude. They developed a patented approach to intent recognition and built the market leading virtual agent platform. And the more we talked about what we could bring to enterprises and the future of customer engagement, the clearer it became to both sides that the two companies would make an ideal match.