[24]7 Named Industry Leader by Ovum in Latest Report—What Does That Mean for My Organization?

Guest Blog Post | July 26, 2012

We are pleased to be included in Ovum’s latest report on real-time decisioning engines. The bottom line is this report provides strong validation of the innovation we’re bringing to sales and customer service through the big data-powered solutions we deliver for many of the world’s leading companies.

Here at [24]7.ai, we think about consumers and how we can improve the “journeys” they take to interact and engage with a company. Our enterprise clients are leaders in Communications, Financial Services, Retail, Technology and Travel. We help them anticipate their consumer’s needs, simplify the process to get them to their goal, and learn from every interaction. What makes [24]7.ai unique is our ability to use predictive analytics and machine learning to identify who to target and how to intervene in real-time to deliver sales and customer service outcomes. The Ovum report details many of the unique ways we help companies make this happen.

Among the key capabilities of our Px Platform highlighted by Ovum’s report is our cloud-based service that includes:

  • a big data modeling platform for analyzing and predicting customer behavior and intent
  • an outcome-based offering that measures and prices based on positive outcomes
  • a system that continuously learns making every future interaction better
  • a channel-agnostic approach across online, mobile, speech, chat, and live agent interactions that makes it easy to move between channels

Again, to borrow from the report which sums up how we work with customers and their data: “[24]7.ai’s key differentiator is the outcome-based nature of its offering. In contrast to traditional cloud-based applications, the company is not selling licenses for clients to use a particular contact platform, with pricing based on the number of seats… [24]7.ai works closely with each enterprise to provide ongoing analysis of how each channel is performing for task completion, sales conversion, transfers, sentiment analysis, and customer satisfaction. It then uses this data to continually refine its customer intent and engagement models and the corresponding user experience.”

So what does this mean for the executives tasked with improving sales effectiveness or customer service? How can companies use customer experience as a competitive wedge? Our Px Platform creates new ways to offer service that is simple, easy, and intuitive. Consider this simple before/after example for rebooking a cancelled airline flight. It highlights how we bridge the gaps between channels with rich, contextual experiences.

Consider this present-day example:

You’ve just received an outbound alert on your smartphone from your airline—an automated call, SMS, or email—informing you that your flight is cancelled and instructing you to call an 800 number to re-book a new flight. When you call the airline you have to re-authenticate, inform the airline why you’re calling to re-establish context, and then spend 5 to 10 minutes on average listening to flight options and selecting a new one. In effect, the airline is making their cancellation your problem to solve. Their outbound alert isn’t actionable and requires you to call back. When you do call back, they don’t know why you’re calling because they aren’t able to maintain context from one interaction to the next.

Compare it to a Px Mobile powered experience:

One interaction completes the entire journey, from notifying you of the cancellation to completing the re-booking in less than three minutes. The experience anticipates your information needs, knows your preferences, gives you a visual display of your options, lets you drill down on your mobile device to search for and explore alternative flights using your voice or touch, guides your next action in a conversational way, and makes it simple to select and confirm your new flight.

Our model represents a win-win situation for all parties, and rather than simply explain it to you in more depth, we’d love to show you. Visit the Contact Us page, to get in touch and learn more.