[24]7 Raising Eyebrows…and the Customer Service Bar

Guest Blog Post | May 17, 2012

As you may have noticed, [24]7.ai has a new face, and we’re raising awareness these days--as well as some eyebrows (see 1:52 in the video, where what we’re doing is so futuristic it’s compared to “fantasy life”)—across the industry with our recent partnership news with Microsoft, and the honest comments we’ve made on what we like to call the “Customer Service Stone Age”—basically the currently state of customer service and how technology can be leveraged to improve the customer experience.

Here at [24]7.ai, we have a vision to make it simple for consumers to interact with companies to get things done. In today’s customer service environment this is not the case. Most self-service is inadequate and fails to resolve issues forcing consumers to change channels. As our CEO PV Kannan has explained over the past few months, we see the opportunity to change the world for consumers and empower them with personalized experiences. This is possible by taking advantage of two of the biggest industry trends today: “cloud” and “big data.” There is untapped value in what those two concepts can bring to customer service, across industries.

Over the next few months, you’ll see [24]7.ai introduce customers making the most of cloud and big data to change the world for their customers. We’re working with some of the world’s top companies, and as we make our news announcements, you will see that there is a shift taking place.—Web, email, interactive voice response and live agents over the phone—will unify into a single conversation.

To sum it up, watch this space for regular posts on new company developments, and for insight into the solid steps we’re making toward changing the customer service game. We’re excited, and we plan to make sure you feel the same way.