5 Benefits AI offers B2C Marketers

[24]7.ai | April 23, 2018

With all the buzz surrounding AI today, it’s no surprise that many companies believe it’s the magic pill they need to grow their business and solve many of their problems. While it hasn’t quite reached magic pill status, AI can definitely offer organizations – especially marketers – a number of astounding benefits. From improving efficiency to optimizing customer journeys, the technology can be utilized in a number of ways to automate tasks and help organizations make faster, more strategic decisions.

If you’re considering adopting AI-powered technology to improve your business performance, it’s important to understand exactly what capabilities and benefits it can offer your business. To help you get started, we’ll review some of the most impressive benefits and improvements currently offered by AI.


Performing the same mundane task over and over, day in and day out isn’t the ideal situation for most humans. AI-powered marketing solutions are ready and able to step in and take on many of these thankless tasks – from search bidding to campaign testing and optimization – freeing up humans to focus on more important endeavors. This allows organizations to accomplish a lot more with the same amount of staff.


Effective marketing is heavily dependent on data, but gathering and analyzing data to determine the best plan of action can be a very time-consuming task. AI-powered technology is capable of continuously ingesting and analyzing data at speeds humans (even teams of humans) will never achieve, allowing marketers to react and optimize campaigns much faster. Having the ability to analyze data as it comes in rather than stockpiling and analyzing in batches will enable you to keep pace with the speed of consumers.

Smarter Decisions

Because AI is capable of consuming and analyzing data at breakneck speeds, it’s able to act (or help marketers act) on what it’s learned much quicker. Having this type of insight transforms your marketing efforts from reactive to proactive, and allows for the delivery of more personalized, relevant and engaging messages that better align with customer behavior.

Continuous Performance Improvement

Traditional search bidding campaigns require regular analysis and optimization, and most basic platforms simply can’t keep up with the demands and expectations of today’s consumers. AI-powered platforms like [24]7 Predictive Search Bidding can analyze data and optimize keyword bids hundreds of times each day (168 times a day to be precise) and automatically increase or decrease bids as needed so you reach your goals AND stay on budget.

[24]7 Predictive Search Bidding Platform
The [24]7 Predictive Search Bidding Platform helps you outperform the competition while saving you time and money.

Customer Journey Optimization

AI is now able to gather unprecedented insight from customer data and previous interactions and leverage it at scale to deliver personalized, one-to-one experiences on the right channel at the right time. Imagine being able to deliver the perfect message or offer at the precise moment a customer is likely to engage? This is what it means to be truly customer obsessed, and with AI-powered marketing technology, it’s possible.

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