5 Ways Digital CX Technology Drives More Sales (And Higher Loyalty)

[24]7.ai | August 08, 2016

If you’re responsible for improving online conversions and sales within your organization, it pays to understand exactly how today’s top digital customer experience (CX) technologies excel in this area. CX technology provides a win-win to consumers and businesses by increasing sales and improving customer loyalty.

We’ve identified five key digital CX strategies your company can embrace to increase sales:

  1. Use intent recognition to monetize customer service journeys.
  2. Use rich, live chat to deliver all the information customers need in their pre-purchase journeys.
  3. Use predictive chat to determine intent and increase average order value.
  4. Maintain information from conversations with customers across channels to remove barriers to sales.
  5. Use connected IVR to transition IVR phone calls into rich digital journeys that support purchases.

Each of these strategies result in a positive impact on sales while automatically achieving customer loyalty improvements at the same time! Want to know more about each of these steps and how they drive loyalty? Read more in our latest article 5 Ways Digital CX Technology Drives More Sales (And Higher Loyalty).