8 Things to Look for in Virtual Assistants, and Where to Get Them

Hollis Chin | December 29, 2015

It can be daunting: How do you choose a company to provide the right type of self-service that delivers a human-like quality of support for your website? Recently Opus Research made answering this question a lot simpler with a new report, "Decision-Makers' Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants," that clearly describes the eight critical characteristics of a highly successful virtual assistant (or, as we call it "virtual agent").

The report also identified the top 13 companies whose platforms enable you to put those virtual assistant characteristics into play, and summarizes their capabilities. It details which of the major players is likeliest to fit your needs, and includes [24]7.ai among the industry's leaders.

Whether you're just getting underway in considering virtual assistant technologies, or you want to upgrade an existing system, the report provides a roundup of what's being used today to help customers resolve issues or complete transactions. And it shows how those systems include reporting on the key performance indicators—including CSAT, call deflection and incremental revenue—that can justify their implementation.

In the report you learn how:

  • Mobile adoption is driving growth
  • Companies are investing in a range of technologies
  • "Marketing Technology" is taking the lead on IT spending

You also learn the eight characteristics of highly successful virtual assistants, how the top 13 companies are delivering on those, and the factors that make some companies stand out from others.

Prepare yourself to choose the right virtual assistant provider by downloading "Decision-Makers' Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants."