Boost Your NPS Up to 20 Points by Being Smart about Chat

[24] | February 13, 2015

We get many questions about ways to increase Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures how likely customers are to recommend a company. It can be difficult to move that dial, but we’ve seen many companies boost it significantly—and quickly—by concentrating on their live chat. In fact, some of them have raised NPS by 20 points in as little as three months. What’s their secret? There isn’t one, really. They just committed themselves to five best practices that improve their chat (and their customer relations overall.)

What are the five best practices? Read on and, to dig deeper, start with our infographic and click through for more detail.

1. Reduce Average Hold Time by Leveraging Customer Data

You can help customers sooner when you make chat sessions faster and lower-effort. This is possible when you leverage information you already have about them. Deploy a system that arms your agents with both context and real-time data about the customer's journey.

2. Use Canned Phrases for Speed and Accuracy

These days the best chat interfaces give agents much more capability to help customers. That includes content frames that slide into view—based on context, predictive intent and customer data, and automatic formatting for whatever device a customer is using.

3. Ask How Agents Are Doing

Your customers will appreciate an opportunity to tell you how chat agents could do more to help. So when you offer a post-chat survey, include at least one open text question that lets them weigh in. And be prepared to act—their answers are excellent for learning how agents can improve.

4. Know When to Offer Chat

Some customer questions are great for chat, others aren’t. What’s the key to improving NPS here? Don’t offer to chat on specific issues where speaking to a voice agent may be easier and faster. A key to determining this is a system that uses predictive analytics to offer the best path for customers.

5. Analyze What Customers Say

Customers know a lot about how your company could do better. Digging into this data can reveal the top things that keep customers from being your promoters. And sharing this information with your agents is one of the most powerful ways of resolving issues.