Case Study: How [24]7 Active Share Transforms the Voice Experience

[24] | December 14, 2017

In the last decade, rapidly advancing technology has dramatically changed the customer service landscape. Digital channels have made huge leaps forward, from user interface/experience enhancements to social media and smart devices that have disrupted the way consumers engage with brands. While digital keeps advancing, the IVR voice channel has changed very little. And although call volumes may be decreasing, voice is still the most popular customer service channel overall. With today’s consumers using their smartphones for just about everything, enterprises have an unprecedented opportunity to give customers a richer, multi-modal experience on their preferred channel by implementing technology like [24]7 Active Share.

With [24]7 Active Share, you can digitally upgrade voice calls by transforming them into a visually rich experience. Call agents are able to deliver personalized, interactive content directly to a customer’s phone, tablet or computer during a voice call, engaging them with relevant information, such as product or plan comparisons, account verifications, terms and conditions, etc. For today’s digitally-minded consumers, this is a game-changer. For companies, this helps increase customer satisfaction, increase call resolution and boost revenue.


Show, don’t tell. Make the smartphone the conversational anchor—not the agent.

Transform Your Contact Center

In most contact centers, agents can use [24]7 Active Share to enhance 25-50% of calls. This takes voice calls to new levels, turns voice agents into customer guides and increases efficiency by enabling smart workflows for a variety of customer needs.


[24]7 Active Share deploys easily on existing voice technology stacks without high incremental investment, making it a smart way to add value to an existing customer service channel without driving up costs.

Real World Success

How do you know [24]7 Active Share really works? The numbers don't lie. Here are real-world success stories that show how [24]7 Active Share helped two leading companies increase customer satisfaction, sales conversions, and resolution rates, adding measurable value to their voice investment.

A leading hospitality brand increased revenue, resulting in:

A leading hospitality brand increased revenue, resulting in:




higher revenue per call

A leading telecom grew NPS and improved issue resolution, resulting in:


higher resolution rate


higher NPS score

*Results are compared to calls without [24]7 Active Share.

Mobile Service & Sales

When a major telecommunications company implemented [24]7 Active Share for both support and sales contact centers, it saw a considerable lift in issue resolution and CSAT: Calls with [24]7 Active Share achieved 32 percent higher resolution rate and nearly four times higher NPS score than calls without it.


Customers appreciate that [24]7 Active Share drives higher resolution and CSAT.

Reservations & Revenue

A leading hospitality brand used [24]7 Active Share to give its booking agents rich visual aids when helping customers make reservations. They achieved nearly double the conversion rate with calls using [24]7 Active Share compared to those without, as well as 5 percent higher average revenue per call.

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Activate Your Agents

Now is the time to upgrade your voice channel and empower your agents with exciting new tools and capabilities. Click here to learn more about [24]7 Active Share and how it can bring your voice calls into the digital age while boosting revenue, resolution rates, and customer satisfaction.