Creating the Omnichannel Customer Experience

[24] | January 21, 2014

In Information Week Editor-at-Large Kurt Marko’s new article, Creating the Omnichannel Customer Experience, he writes that “The nexus of mobile, social, cloud, and big data is radically reshaping the business world, nowhere is the upheaval more dramatic than in areas with high customer engagement: retailing, financial and communications services, travel, customer service and technical support.” In fact, it’s almost as if the world of customer service has been turned upside down. The rapid adoption by consumers of new types of technology (e.g. smart phones, social media) have led to what Marko calls “the consumerization of customer experience.” This change in how customers interact with businesses impacts more than just the customer service department. It can be seen in everything from client devices and applications to IT infrastructure and application provisioning and because, as Marko points out, “It's permanently altered consumer behavior, notably in how people learn about, evaluate and buy things, how they share opinions about products, retailers and service providers with an ever-widening circle of online friends and the ways they expect to access documentation and support.” Marko states that “In today's mobile, hyper-connected world, however, where we're all afflicted with a form of smartphone-induced ADD, people increasingly multitask, interacting with multiple devices over several channels to complete a taskthe web, email, social networks, text messaging, voiceinitiating a conversation or task on one, taking it up later on another.” This requires a shift from a siloed channel approach that lacks continuity to an omnichannel approach where context is maintained as consumers shift from device and channel before they complete a transaction. His article details customer experience challenges and how a multi-pronged, data-management strategy coupled with predictive analytics is the key, and he cites three pillars that deliver an engaging, effective omnichannel experience: big data, predictive analytics and real-time engagement. It’s an interesting perspective from an industry veteran. You can read the entire article here.