The Customer Experience Will Make or Break Telemedicine

Vijai Shankar | October 12, 2016

The introduction of new communication channels, like telemedicine, poses the same question to healthcare providers – How can we ensure great customer service in this channel? Though there may be differing opinions on how to best answer that question, one thing is clear — The results of poor customer service vary across different industries, but are always a detriment to the organization. In healthcare, poor customer service and user experience can lead to a complete lack of engagement, which means any new digital health solution offered by a health plan will have poor usage. This benefits no one — members don’t get healthier and health plans do not get to manage costs and prevent them from escalating.

Thus, it is safe to say that customer experience is the key to the implementation of a successful digital health solution. When the customer experience is done right, providers are rewarded with high engagement rates and healthier populations. Health plans can realize the full potential of telemedicine if they are able to integrate customer service and engagement within their telemedicine solutions.

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