The Deal is Done—[24]7 is Now the World’s Largest Self-Service Company

Guest Blog Post | May 17, 2012

As you’ll read in our news announcement this morning, we have finalized our transaction with Microsoft.. [24[]7 is now augmented by new staff, new clients and new technologies, as well as an ongoing R&D partnership and long-term IP licensing with Microsoft. As also announced, Microsoft has taken an equity stake in [24]

With our combined assets, solutions and capabilities, [24] is now the world’s largest self-service platform and company, enabling our clients to leverage a single platform that can transform how they serve consumers.

Supporting consumer transactions through any variety of channels, including phone, email, chat and more, the [24] platform easily processes upwards of 2.5 billion consumer transactions per year. Our ability to analyze and then marry this huge volume of data generated with our proven customer service processes and experience means that [24] is able to deliver an entirely new level of customer service, based on a depth of insight that no other company can match. Intuitive intelligence drives learning on the platform across the entire client base so that our clients can anticipate, simplify and personalize their consumer interactions vastly improving the customer experience. Since the intelligence resides in the cloud-based network, the service is available on any device or system, and through any medium, whether live or machine-based, self-service or assisted.

What we’re focused on helps clients to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations, and to do it with increasing efficiency. It’s the future of customer service, and we look forward to sharing more details of clients offering these industry-leading experiences over the coming months.