Diagnosing Complex Customer Issues

[24]7.ai | September 20, 2017

No matter how loved your brand is, every company has to deal with customer experience issues. How quickly you’re able to identify where a customer’s journey was derailed and provide a fix leaves a lasting impact on customer satisfaction – and loyalty.

Many customer experience issues are straight-forward, easily identified, and can even be handled through today’s smart chatbots. But what about more complex issues? These difficult issues are ones that persist from year to year and are truly complex because of three main reasons:

1) They occur over time.

The root cause of the issue may have occurred weeks before any symptoms even started to show to the customer. This can make it very difficult to identify the root cause, becoming harder and harder as more time passes.


2) They occur across channels.

Multiple customer touchpoints makes it difficult to identify customer journeys that move between channels. Companies without omnichannel platforms that are able to follow customers across touchpoints are especially susceptible to these issues.


3) They fall between the cracks in organizational silos.

Many of the customer-facing channels are managed by separate departments, and sometimes issues fall in the grey area between departments, making it very difficult to find an owner to help address the problem.


These complex customer issues become a huge problem for organizations because they make it very difficult to identify the root cause of problems. Let’s look at an example:

Issue: Low usage of digital channels

“Typical” Solution: Promote the website/mobile app more

Real Root Cause: Customer are registering, try using the web or mobile app, but then revert to using the call center.

Real Solution: Make select enhancements to the website and mobile app based on granular understanding of where customers get stuck.

Companies waste countless resources trying to solve problems with incorrect solutions because they aren’t aware of the root cause behind their customer experience issues. In order to solve these issues, companies need to have a detailed understanding of their customers and their journeys. Fortunately, every company is sitting on a mountain of data that can give them that picture. But, even seasoned data scientists struggle to develop an exhaustive view of their customer journeys. That’s where [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics comes in.

[24]7 Customer Journey Analytics ingests data from every data source available to your company, and is able to create detailed journeys for every customer.


Having access to customer journeys gives companies the ability to conduct root causes analyses on any of their customer experience issues. It doesn’t matter if the customer used multiple channels, or even had an issue that was based on something that happened months earlier. With [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics, companies can identify the issues and produce actionable recommendations to improve people, processes, and systems.

This is just one of the many benefits of this powerful product. Join our webinar on October 4th to learn more about Customer Journey Analytics and what it can do for your organization. You can also learn more about the product on our website.