Do You Have What It Takes to Create a Center of Customer Excellence?

Hollis Chin | February 06, 2015

Gartner is preparing to introduce its inaugural Magic Quadrant for the Customer Engagement Center. It'll be a great opportunity to assess where companies fit in the ever-evolving space of accommodating customers and prospects based on how they look for product information and help. Michael Maoz, Gartner's Research VP, anticipated the report with a thought-provoking post. He said that creating a center of customer excellence, because it is so elementary and powerful, is like the search for the elusive Higgs boson—the "God Particle" that gives everything else its mass. And he quoted Steve Jobs, who clearly understood that the key to engagement is putting the customer at the center of everything: "You have to start with the customer experience and work backward toward the technology." Then Maoz asked, effectively, "Does your organization have what it takes to do that?"

When it comes down to mindset, leadership and tools, you already have the data that can drive the experiences your customers expect. Once you adopt an informed mindset about what they want, you can get the tools to make seamless interactions real, regardless of where customers start in their journeys. Every point of contact can feel effortless, even anticipated. And those capabilities can be deployed without intrusive, time-consuming implementation.

When it comes to leadership, Maoz states that it's a matter of removing obstacles. Your customers will never see the steps you take to make things frictionless for them. Nor will most of them care. They just want to get things done. Give them excellent experiences and you'll hear about it in revenue, CSAT and NPS. Businesses need to ask themselves: Do you have what it takes? You can read Maoz's complete blog post here.