Does Your Search Bidding Pass the Test? Try Our FREE SEM Analysis

Sam Knapp | July 21, 2017

But rather than just preach to you about industry averages and generalized trends, we want to show you exactly where you can improve by providing a free Sample Bidding Optimization Analysis.

Some questions probably immediately come to mind:

  1. What can I expect to learn from this analysis?
  2. Where and how can I access this?
  3. What’s in it for the provider?

Keeping up with all the Search Engine releases can be exhausting. For every announcement about expanded text ads and final URLs, Google introduces new ways for optimizing Adwords Accounts.

As a top provider of SEM bidding and delivering performance on Search Engines, [24] prides itself on staying up to date on all the available levers for improving performance within our client’s accounts. In this analysis, we use our industry expertise to help organizations focus on the main dimensions that we have found to be the low-hanging fruit from an optimization standpoint.

Based on your data, our analysis determines whether there is Revenue or there are Conversions left on the table as well as pinpoint techniques to improve the efficiency of your ad spend. The (free!) analysis right now includes the following checks, but it is constantly evolving and we can evaluate other angles you are interested to learn about your current performance and SEM strategy:

  • Figure 1. Time Dimension – Evaluate how value over time changes to achieve maximum conversions.Click on image to view a larger version.
  • Device: What is your mobile strategy? How do your conversion rates and CPCs vary by device? We can provide detailed analysis on your performance across desktop, mobile, and tablet.


  • Figure 2. Device Dimension – Drill down into performance and behavior by device.Click on image to view a larger version.
  • Growth Opportunity: Many of our clients are in a major “growth stage” so we can provide a realistic projection of whether that is possible given where their keywords currently fall within the auction. Sometimes we see keywords already in Pos 1.0 with 99.9% Impression Share, but in many cases there are opportunities to move strong performers up in the auction to deliver additional, efficient volume.


  • Figure 3. Growth Opportunity – A deeper look at Impression Share and position.Click on image to view a larger version.
  • User Dimension: Adwords is beginning to provide more and more “modifiable” dimensions that nearly always have interesting patterns for optimization. Age, Gender, Location, and Audience are just a few of the angles that we will look at to see if certain slices of searchers should be targeted more aggressively due to strong intent signals.


  • Figure 4. User Dimension – Measure performance and behavior by available searcher identity.Click on image to view a larger version.
  • Keyword Distribution: Long-tail Accounts require a different approach compared to those heavy on Head terms that receive hundreds of clicks per day for the top keywords. We can look into the specifics of your account to better understand the best way to generate predictions for keywords that may have low volume.


  • Figure 5. Keyword Distribution and Longtail – Predict growth possibilities on longtail keywords with refined borrowing methods.Click on image to view a larger version.

If any of this sounds interesting and you would like to receive a (free!) Account Analysis, simply head here.... All you will need to provide for the Account Analysis is read-only access to your Adwords Account as well as a few sample reports if your Conversions are stored outside of Adwords. We can have a quick discussion around goals and make sure to customize the report around your business goals, but there is barely any effort on your end!

A logical question you may be asking now is: “Why does [24] offer this (free!) service? What’s in it for them?” Valid question. We have developed solutions for specifically optimizing each of the analysis angles, so if we uncover opportunities to boost your performance we will give you the option to run a (free!) test to prove out our bidding technology. By running this analysis beforehand, we can ensure that we go into any test with supreme confidence that we can provide an immediate lift to your existing SEM performance. How could you not sign up for this?

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