Enterprise Social Media: Taking Customer Engagement Where Customers Are-on Facebook Messenger

Scott Horn | October 15, 2015

Enterprise customer engagement needs to be where customers are—on social, on Facebook Messenger. Currently, most companies use social media for product promotions, as add-ons to their customer service, and as ways to monitor sentiment. But enterprise social media sites have been unable to offer full customer engagement because they lacked customers’ contextual information, secure authentication and the ability to resolve tasks completely. So companies have directed customers to the traditional channels of web, chat and phone for resolution. That’s about to change. Learn more in our webinar on October 20. Register here.

You’ll discover how [24]7.ai has partnered with Facebook to offer enterprise-grade, advanced chat on Facebook’s Messenger app. This partnership leads the way to the future of customer engagement. It makes it possible—and extremely easy—for the 700 million customers who use Messenger to engage with companies for purchase notifications, orders status, and to ask questions through chat. The opportunities for engagement are endless once an enterprise uses the Messenger channel for customer engagement.

For example, if a customer makes a purchase she can receive a notification and check her order status within Messenger. If she wants to change the shipping destination or something about her order, she can tell the company’s chat agent in Messenger. The agent will know her history and can update the information securely and efficiently. The result is an easy, personalized customer experience. The kind that builds trust and loyalty.

Using [24]7.ai’s smart chat technology in Messenger brings the power of our Customer Engagement Platform—a single omnichannel platform driven by big data—to social media. [24]7.ai’s chat enables customer intent prediction, contextual awareness across devices and channels, and rich interactive customer experiences optimized for every screen. This partnership also brings [24]7.ai’s patented visual forms to the Messenger platform, enabling chat agents to push rich media—such as visual product comparisons during sales interactions, secure credit card input and forms for user authentication.

Learn more in our webinar on October 20. Register here.