The False Promises Some Chat Vendors Make

[24] | September 02, 2016

But no need to worry! We’ve taken the guess work out of it for you. Our most seasoned chat center experts have shared the top five mistruths that chat platform providers tell - and the reality behind their claims.

“We use prediction to target the right visitors”

“We use big data to improve outcomes”

“We can quickly and easily increase chat revenue”

“We can manage your business rules, but it will cost you”

“We offer an omnichannel solution”

Has your chat vendor made any of these claims? Most vendors do.

When important customer experience considerations become industry buzzwords, every vendor will quickly claim they’re able to deliver.

Educate yourself with our latest article ”White Lies, Fibs, and Half Truths Your Chat Vendor May Be Selling You“ and rest easy knowing that with this knowledge you’ll be able to spot the real from the imposters.