Forrester Customer Experience Forum EMEA - What are Truly Innovative Customer Experiences?

Hollis Chin | November 22, 2013

Forrester held its Forum for Customer Experience EMEA in London this week highlighting new research and case studies from Marks and Spencer, Lego, and BNP. Kerry Bodine’s research on customer experience innovation hits home with most companies trying to distinguish themselves in the market place. While 69% of companies have dedicated resources for innovation and 73% plan to launch innovative experiences this year, the reality is that many do not produce truly innovative experiences.

The definition of customer experience innovation is:

The creation of new customer experiences that drive differentiation and long-term value.

The emphasis is on “new,” meaning it cannot be a copycat feature. And to drive “differentiation” and “long term value,” the innovation must follow the framework:

  • Consumer needs
  • Business model
  • Brand

Zipcar is a good example of a truly innovative customer experience. There is a real consumer need for car sharing in certain age groups and lifestyles in urban cities. The business model is unique where cars are located conveniently in small parking lots, gas stations, and many places throughout an urban area. Rentals are booked and paid online, and cars are unlocked through mobile phone apps. Every touchpoint is infused with Zipcar’s unique branding. A Volkswagen Touran in London has a name and personality of “Cavendish.” A Mini Cooper in San Francisco is “McDougall.” The Zipcar business is so differentiated that it is hard for a competitor to duplicate this customer experience without looking like a copycat.

[24] is included in Kerry’s research for creating these differentiated, personalized experiences for clients. Our talented design team creates branded and seamless interfaces between an interactive voice call to a mobile web display and other channels.

In order to create truly innovative customer experiences, a company must think “out of the box” and deliver on all three parts of the framework.