Forrester Research Chat Market Overview has Vendor and Platform Selection Down to an Art

Kevin Payne | December 03, 2015

Simply offering consumers the ability to chat isn't enough these days. Customers expect superior service and support in exchange for their continued devotion. Because of this, businesses must ensure they select the right chat platform to service the needs of their customers. While chat usage rates have continued to climb over the past five years, while yielded the highest satisfaction rates, so does the number of vendors occupying the chat landscape. With a seemingly endless variety of chat platforms available, how do you know which one to choose?

Forrester Research has crafted a Market Overview of Twenty-One Solutions for Delivering Differentiated Experiences to assist companies with selecting a chat solution for customer service.

The Forrester Research Market Overview highlights the benefits offered by chat, including upsell opportunities, increased purchase rates, improved customer satisfaction, and its ability to provide contextual experiences. Consumers are increasingly leveraging chat for effortless service, resulting in a rise of usage rates across all demographics in the past three years. Additionally, the Market Overview provides insights on how chat is helping companies deliver contextual customer engagement and personalized service experience.

After establishing the incentives for businesses to adopt chat as one of their communication channels, the Market Overview goes on to discuss the different platform options currently available. The platform solutions are organized into five categories, which Forrester Research has identified as:

  • Standalone chat vendors
  • Online engagement vendors
  • Multichannel vendors
  • CRM suite customer service vendors
  • Contact center vendors

During the interview and research portion, Forrester categorized [24] as an online engagement vendor, as our platform supports a deeply personalized service. The chat interactions are driven by predictive analytics, real-time decisioning, and real-time chat transcript. The report identifies the organizational owners of digital engagement channels, customer experience, or customer service owners as the primary buyers for this solution. In order to decipher which category is most aligned with your chat experience initiatives, the report includes five compelling questions that help organizations narrow it down.

From there, using the vendor profile information provided for each solution category, businesses are able to ascertain exactly which chat vendor is the best fit. Pretty powerful stuff, right? Well, we found the most compelling aspect of this Market Overview to be the real-world success stories that exemplify the power of combining the right business objectives with the right chat solution platform, such as Sears, Target, Argos, Capital One, Lenovo who have deployed [24] chat.

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