Here’s How Artificial Intelligence Can Really Help You

Hollis Chin | April 27, 2015

Sure, Watson beat Ken Jennings in Jeopardy but how does AI help you serve your customers?

Suppose that instead you could use AI to predict what your online customers are trying to do, and help them accomplish it? What if it could even help you capture sales that might otherwise not happen? Predictive customer engagement can help you do that.

Its capabilities are not pipe dreams. They’re part of AI-based solutions you can put in place in your business, right now.

In a new paper, “Artificial Intelligence Can Finally Unleash Your Business Applications’ Creativity,” Forrester Research categorizes this as one of five main types of AI you can apply, depending on your enterprise’s market and role.

Predictive engagement leverages real-time and historical data about your online customers to help understand their intent and supply appropriate content at the right time.

As the Forrester paper puts it, “[24] predicts customer needs before the customer makes contact and while she/he is talking, enabling agents to gather the information (and answer) as soon as possible. It also predicts the customer’s preferred communication channel and optimizes the message to suit the device/channel selected… (including web, chat, social, mobile, and voice).”

And these predictive capabilities can produce significant incremental results—beyond what you could achieve without them. The possibilities are endless because predictive systems continue to learn from how customers behave.

Could predictive customer engagement be an intelligent addition to your enterprise?