How Are Leading Banks Driving Contextual Revenue Moments?

Vijai Shankar | October 09, 2015

Mobile and online banking have become table stakes today. That puts the banking industry at a tipping point when it comes to thriving in a digital world. In other industries such as books and streaming movies, such tipping points have been make-or-break. The surviving companies made the leap to growth (think Amazon in books and Netflix in movies) while the laggards went out of business (Borders and Blockbuster).

Banks are at a similar stage. The leaders will enter “Banking 3.0.”

I recently led a webinar where I talked about what banks need to do to thrive and make the leap to Banking 3.0. They’ll do it by creating contextual revenue moments. In a subsequent webinar, I talked about how visual IVR can help drive mobile experiences.

On October 13 I’ll be leading a third webinar where I will talk about specific case studies in which leading banks are driving contextual revenue moments by leveraging big data and prediction. This webinar will present success stories about how leading banks are leveraging prediction to deliver superior experiences across self-service and assisted service.

Join me on this webinar and you’ll learn:

• How a major bank used chat to improve incremental conversions by 20%

• How a global bank saved $12M with visual IVR

• How a leading bank improved NPS by 10 points

Register here for the October 13 webinar to learn how some banks have started their journeys toward Banking 3.0.