How Much Should You Bid? Taking the Guesswork out of Paid Search Bids

Johannes Källgren | June 12, 2016

It’s a question most search marketers struggle to answer: How much is a click on my paid search ad really worth? What we really want to know is: am I overpaying when I could be bidding less and get the same results? Or am I underbidding and missing out on conversion opportunities?

Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is almost always “yes.” The small differences can add up to millions of dollars in potential revenue or savings. It’s not because our clients aren’t search engine savvy. We work with some of the smartest search marketers on the planet. Even the most experienced search marketers lack the time, tools and data required to accurately set bids across thousands, or even millions, of keywords… until now!

Join me for a webinar on June 3rd to get an inside look at the tools and best practices our Predictive Search Bidding experts use to optimize bidding strategies for some of the world’s largest online advertisers. We’ll show you:

  • The number one mistake advertisers make when setting their AdWords bids.
  • How to use an incremental cost per click (ICC) analysis to identify areas where your bids are overspending your budget, and find opportunities to reinvest those savings more strategically.
  • How to account for time-of-day and day-of-week changes in the bidding landscape, and adjust bids automatically to meet and exceed profitability, growth, volume and cost targets.

SPECIAL BONUS: Register today for the webinar, and you may qualify for a free, customized analysis of your company’s paid search bidding strategy.