How Doubled its Paid Search ROI

March 11, 2015
Trish Gardner-Gilbert, VP Account Management

Paid search ROI is one of the top issues faced by search engine marketers, who are constantly being challenged to do more with less. As the leading parcel delivery comparison web site in Europe, invests heavily in paid search to advertise special offers for its delivery services to consumers and businesses. For several years, the company has relied on an internal team of SEM experts to manage its paid search ROI, with good results.

However, as the market grew more saturated, the team realized that its efforts to squeeze more ROI from its paid search campaigns using manual efforts were reaching their limits. When the team discovered Campanja’s advanced bidding engine, they knew they had hit on the right solution.


“There are other bidding tools on the market, but Campanja’s bidding solution was far beyond anything else we had seen. We were impressed with the technology as well as the team’s deep SEM background and experience. When we saw that the company was backed by a Google founding investor and board member, we knew they must be on to something.”
– Richard Adams-Mercer, co-founder and marketing director at


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 A True A/B Test

In order to move forward, Mercer wanted his team need to prove an automated bidding system would be worth the investment. Fortunately, Campanja offered a unique solution: run a trial using Google’s AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE) testing framework to A/B test the results compared to’s existing methods.

“Starting with Campanja was as simple as giving them our AdWords login. We didn’t have to make any adjustments to our campaign data or workflow to use Campanja,” says Adams-Mercer.

Learn how is using Campanja to to boost the performance of its paid search campaigns, including a 32% uplift in ROI in the initial trial, and a 2x year over year ROI on full rollout, generating 18% more revenue at 41% lower cost.

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Trish Gardner-Gilbert, VP Account Management
Trish Gardner-Gilbert, VP Account Management

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