How Will Social Media Change Customer Service?

Kevin Payne | October 07, 2013

Social media is rapidly becoming a major component of the customer service experience. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks provide opportunities for your customers to collect and share information about their purchases and service experience. Social media data, especially when aggregated with data from other channels, provides insights and helps us better understand our customers’ motivations and intent to buy. But not all businesses view social media the same way and many are struggling to anticipate how to capitalize on the rapid growth in the social channel.

In the October edition of the [24] Point of View, we asked representatives from, Aviva, thinkJar and Ovum Research how social media will impact customer service and sales in the next twelve months. As Stormy Simon, Co-President of writes “Social media is a constant reminder to be on our toes. If you fail the customer, the world can know about it in 140 characters within seconds.” James Kerruish of Aviva cautions that there’s “an expectation from the customer that social media is a fully supported channel.” You can read each of their comments in the [24] Point of View here.