Inside The Mind of Your Customer

Ryan East | July 08, 2016

When today’s consumers are in need of information from a company, their initial reaction is to reach for their smartphone, tablet, or laptop and go online. While navigating your website, customers expect to be able to find quick, accurate answers to their questions, completely on their own. A consumer’s ideal experience is one where they can get all the information they need without having to interact with a service or sales agent. The faster and easier they’re able to get their information the more positive experience they will have. Finding the best way to organize the information on your website begins with understanding the types of information that your consumers are looking for.

But, do you know the kinds of questions that your customers are asking? And, perhaps more importantly, do you know how their online behavior provides insight into opportunities that leaders can capitalize on in their quest to better serve each customers and win market share?

You can.

The Voice of the Customer Report from [24] provides these answers. We analyzed 75,000 customer interactions to produce five key findings that can help you better understand your customers, and in turn, take actionable steps to improve your customer’s experience.