It's a C2B, and Increasingly Mobile, World

Kevin Payne | May 05, 2014

B2C. B2B. Those of us in business are extremely familiar with these terms but the thing about them is that both place the business first in the equation. Today, when it comes to customer service, Dan Miller of Opus Research says that we should start thinking in terms of a customer first or C2B world.


The customer today is in control of their journey about how they interact with a business. Long gone are the days where a business could simply list an 800 number and force the customers to use that channel. Today, customers may start their journey online, call an 800 number(IVR) and then switch to their mobile to complete a transaction. And, increasingly, mobile is the dominant device for interacting, both via voice and on-screen. Miller adds that we should “remember that many ‘mobile’ interactions originate from people using smartphones from the couch in the TV room. They are mobile in name only.”

The May edition of the [24] Point of View asks Miller and four other industry experts the question: What do businesses need to do this year to adapt to a mobile-centric customer? Click here to learn what Tim Hall of Sears, Kurt Marko of Information Week, Eric Krapf of Enterprise Connect and Daniel Hong of [24] have to say about this topic.