Know What Your Customers Want: A CRMXchange Thought Leadership Webinar

Kevin Payne | August 07, 2014

When it comes to improving customer engagement, companies urgently need help to keep up with today’s digital customers. 81% of consumers are using three or more channels to engage with your business in a single journey. How can you determine what they’re trying to do and improve their customer experience? To successfully engage with today’s customers, you must anticipate their intent in real-time, engage them when, where, and how they want, while maintaining the context of the conversation.

On Thursday, August 28, CRMXchange is hosting a webinar What Your Customers Want: How to Anticipate, Engage & Assist Using Real-Time Prediction. Dan Miller of Opus Research and Daniel Hong from [24] will discuss the five key ingredients you’ll need to provide your customers with differentiated predictive customer experiences in the omnichannel world.

Click here to view the recording of this complimentary and informative webinar.

  1. The evolution of customer expectations.
  2. Customer enablement in an omnichannel world.
  3. Impacts on NPS and CSAT.
  4. How engineered outcomes propel more profitable growth.
  5. Creating competitive differentiation through prediction.