Last Call for Digital Transformation

[24] | January 05, 2018

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

The old adage might strike fear into the hearts of procrastinators everywhere, but it has stood the test of time for a reason. There are a number of scenarios where procrastination will cost you: filing your taxes, buying an anniversary gift, and of course, undergoing a digital transformation.

Digital transformation is an essential process for companies who want to continue meeting changing consumer demands and remain competitive in the modern marketplace, yet, a recent study by Forrester found that over 60% of executives believe they are lagging behind.

This happens for a number of reasons. Undergoing a digital transformation can feel like an overwhelming process requiring a significant investment, both financial and operational. Many organizations are often unsure where or how to get started. It can also be difficult to get buy-in and support from the board and hard to convince employees and leadership to embrace the necessary culture shift.

But, as customers become more and more demanding – the same Forrester study found that consumers now have zero tolerance for poor customer experiences – digital transformation is no longer an option. If you received a past-due notice from the bank or were told you needed surgery, you wouldn't put it off – the same sense of urgency should be applied to digital transformations to avoid putting your organization at risk.

To meet the demands of modern-day consumers, companies must ensure they're providing consistent experiences across all channels in addition to automating digital interactions and allowing customers to self-serve whenever possible. Get started by analyzing your customer journeys to determine which ones you should automate first – pinpoint where customers are becoming frustrated and abandoning their journey and determine what's needed to improve their experience.

Don't wait get – started today.

The Final Countdown

2018 is expected to be the year when the impact of a lagging digital transformation becomes painfully clear. Forrester predicts 30% of companies who were slow to act will see further declines in CX performance, which will likely translate into substantial profit losses, in addition to a loss of confidence, loss of key team players, and the potential for the organization to perish completely.

Don't put your organization at risk by allowing the experiences you offer to drift further from modern-day customer expectations. Register for our webinar on Jan 23 featuring guest speaker and Forrester Principal Analyst Brendan Witcher, where you'll get practical advice on how to drive organizational change and use technology to improve customer experiences.