Lost in Translation: A Telecom Journey

[24]7.ai | May 25, 2017

For years of gathering all my usage data and tracking my customer service calls, my TV, mobile, and internet providers seem to know nothing about me. Telecoms have a gold mine of Big Data, but are late in the game of harnessing this knowledge. The technology enabled by their networks have changed the way we engage with the world, but their customer service remains archaic.

This is the Age of Intent where proactive and personalized support is rewarded with loyalty. Telecoms have been slow to adapt.

A personal example of how I feel telecoms should operate occurred last month. I call it my “Reggae Mobile Moment of Truth”.

I don’t listen to music regularly on my phone, but when I do, I usually just go to YouTube. I haven’t updated the music on my phone since 2007.

Last month, getting ready to do some work around the house, I wanted an endless stream of music without the YouTube commercials. Using the voice option on my phone, I simply said “play music”.

Instantly I was brought to the Google Play Music app. It presented a few themed playlists. I opted for the one that said “Feeling lucky?”. I assumed this option would go with the safe choice of the latest top 40 from the pop music charts. I was pleasantly wrong.

I pressed play. I was about to put my phone down when the beat of the song caught me by surprise, my eyes wide, my smile bright, and my body naturally moving to the beat I looked at my phone and confirmed the sound I was hearing was the song “I Love My Life” by Demarco! This is one of my favorite reggae songs. How could this be? How did it know? It was amazing. My love for music is wide and diverse, but reggae by far is my favorite genre.

Needless to say, I am now a loyal Google Play customer.

What’s fascinating is this situation is not unique to me. Millions of customers are experiencing their own noteworthy moments of truth. Forward-thinking businesses, like Google, Netflix and Amazon, are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring together vast amounts of data and develop predictive models. And, in fact, we do this for several major telecommunications companies as well. We help these businesses understand, anticipate and act on consumer intent across all channels to create a personalized customer experience that drives loyalty and increases revenue.

Imagine how your customers would feel if you proactively served them online via chat while logged into their personal account. Or, because they are already signed in online, there was only a need for one level of verification instead of three and the support agent said “I can help you with your billing issue” instead of “How can I help you?”

Join me in a webinar on May 31st to learn more about how AI-powered chatbots deliver these experiences and how this technology is allowing several telecoms around the globe drive loyalty and increase their revenue (especially their Average Revenue per User - ARPU).