Natural Language on Steroids is Key to Caller Engagement

Hollis Chin | July 20, 2015

So, you’ve invested a lot of time and money adding natural language capability to your IVR. You hoped it would help move more customer interactions through self-service, but it’s just not measuring up.

The problem is that the IVR uses data from only its own channel. It’s especially frustrating because you are amassing piles of customer data from other channels that could be used to help callers. You’re right to be frustrated: An omnichannel approach could help more customers help themselves.

In a recent article, “Natural Language on Steroids,” [24]’s Chief Data Scientist Kathy Brown describes how predictive analytics and omnichannel data (data from all channels) is used to augment natural language and produce better outcomes.

With real-world examples, Kathy shows how your engagements can be:


You can predict caller intent and next action based on comprehensive views of your customers.

More engaging

You can make conversations more effective by combining natural language with prediction that has omnichannel DNA.

More productive

You can save customers time and increase self-service rates up to 25%

Learn more by downloading Kathy Brown’s article, “Natural Language on Steroids.”