Natural Language—Why Companies Are Gearing Up to Hear You Better

Kevin Payne | April 24, 2015

“Natural Language” has come a long way. This ability for computers to understand what people say or type started in the 1950s. But today people expect much more, with the advent of virtual assistants like Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana, Google Now, and even Ok Google on the Chrome browser.

Kathy Brown, Chief Data Scientist and VP of Speech Sciences at [24] said recently, “I even was in a Starbucks the other day, and saw a 5-year old interacting with Siri.”

That’s a heck of a paradigm shift. It shows how the pressure is mounting for enterprises to provide customer care solutions that adapt to how people speak, not just slavishly respond to voice prompts.

In the March edition of the [24] Point of View, we asked five industry experts—including Kathy Brown—to answer the question:

Why will natural language become all the more important for enterprises in today’s digital world?

Click here to get to-the-point views about this from Aphrodite Brinsmead of Ovum Research; William Meisel of TMA Associates; Dan Miller of Opus Research; plus [24]’s Kathy Brown and Daniel Hong.