Solving the Customer Experience Puzzle

Kevin Payne | January 30, 2014

My [24] colleague, Amith Parameshwara, recently published an article that asked the question: How do you create the best customer experience model? Most businesses strive to deliver a great customer experience, but it’s often hard to define how to put the pieces together. In his recent article in CMS Wire, Amith proposes a solution that’s represented via a pie-shaped diagram divided into six pieces that work together to not only improve the customer experience but also to provide competitive differentiation and improve the bottom line of your business. The six puzzle pieces are:

  • Knowing the customer
  • Personalization
  • Contextualization
  • Quality of Product/Service
  • Ease of interaction
  • Outcome of Transaction

He then lists factors that characterize those pieces and provides enabling technologies and approaches for succeeding in each of those areas. For example, knowing the customer in today’s omnichannel world requires having personal and demographic data, customer preference information, transaction history and psychographics. By applying CRM solutions, big data, journey mapping, speech analytics, customer profiles, lifetime value analysis, and pursuing a consolidated view of the customer, you can truly know what your customer wants and anticipate their needs. He provides similar details for each of the six puzzle pieces. By excelling in each of the six areas, companies can deliver a superior customer experience that can set them apart from competitors and delight their customers. It’s a great article and the diagram is something you may want to print out and tape to your wall. You can read the entire article and see the diagram here.