Something Completely Different

Guest Blog Post | June 24, 2014

The world of customer service is evolving at break-neck speed. Gone are the days (long gone) when a company dictated how the customer interacts with us. In an increasingly omnichannel world where customers move from web to mobile to social, companies need to innovate and find new ways to improve customer enablement. Yet, too often, businesses keep trying to fit the same square peg into the same round hole. It doesn’t work, and customers can become increasingly frustrated. Often what’s needed is a fresh approach as what worked yesterday may not work today. Sometimes we have to look at things in a completely different way.

Some things are now completely different at [24] We just launched our new website that features a new look and feel as well as updated content. The website features a responsive design based on the type of device you’re using, mobile, tablet, or laptop, because our customers use different tools to contact us–just as, in this omnichannel world, your customers use different devices and channels to interact with you. I believe you’ll find our new site easier to use and navigate. For example, we’ve made it much simpler to find information about our products, solutions, and customer references. Check out our new resources page where you can search for content based on your specific interest.

The other thing that’s completely different at [24] (though not new) is our approach to improving customer experience. Unlike other CX companies, we take a “value all-in” approach that improves business outcomes for our customers. We don’t price our solutions based on the product. We price based on the positive impact to your business. We’re able to do this because our Customer Engagement Platform utilizes years of data science research and development to deliver an omnichannel customer solution with elegant interface design for all devices and channels. You can learn how and why we’re different here.

You can start your tour of our new website by clicking here.