Stop Making It Hard to Be Your Customer

Kevin Payne | October 27, 2015

Why is it so important to understand customer effort in your digital channels? Because when you make it difficult it cuts into your revenue and lowers your CSAT. It may seem obvious, but research shows that the more your customers have to do to accomplish a task or get a question answered, the less likely they are to be loyal to your business.

Despite this, there’s still a big gap between what customers expect and what companies deliver. 88 percent of people say they want their problems solved in one interaction (no surprise there), but an amazing 62 percent report it takes more than one contact to do that. How many times did it take for you to get your last issue resolved?

Have you thought about where, in your customer service journeys, too much effort is required?

A [24] paper, “CUSTOMER EFFORT: Stop Making It Hard To Be Your Customer,” shows you the most common problem areas, helps you assess where your company stands and describes what you can do to improve.

The paper is especially helpful because it can open your eyes about things you may have believed you were handling pretty well. It describes six areas in which customers commonly encounter too much effort to find answers on company websites:

  • No clear, single destination point
  • Multiple possible answers
  • Inaccurate or incomplete answers
  • No related questions
  • Poor or even no contact information
  • Difficulty escalating issues

Best of all, the paper presents low-effort solutions for your company, if it’s falling short in one or more of these areas. You’ll see how you can use [24]7 Virtual Agent technology to help customers reduce their effort by letting them use their own natural language—in any self-service interaction channel—to find the right answer.

Learning more is not a weighty problem! The paper is a ten-minute read and it could make being your customer a lot easier.

Download “CUSTOMER EFFORT: Stop Making It Hard To Be Your Customer.”