’Twas the Day Before Christmas

Kevin Payne | December 19, 2014

'Twas the day before Christmas and at Emma's house, her dad was in a panic… he needed his mouse (and his computer)! He'd bought Emma a Ferby for Christmas but now all she wanted was a tablet of her own. What's a doting father to do?

In this lighthearted holiday infographic, Emma's dad is able to delight Emma with a new tablet on Christmas Day with the help of a retailer who utilizes a predictive sales and service solution.

Using a smart solution that leverages predictive analytics, a chat agent with Tablet World is able to predict what Emma's dad is trying to do based on his web activity and help him easily compare product features. The agent then locates his desired product at a local store, speeding the purchase process. When Emma’s dad needs some technical support, because Tablet World already knows the product he’s purchased, they're able to quickly resolve his customer service request to ensure that Emma can enjoy her new tablet on Christmas morning.

Learn how predictive sales and service can anticipate your customer's intent to maintain context across channels, make the right connections at the right time, improve outcomes and deliver amazingly seamless and intuitive experiences. You can veiw the infographic here