What’s the Big Deal with Big Data at The Gartner Customer Strategies and Technologies Summit

Hollis Chin | March 11, 2015

In my earlier blog on the Opus Research report, “Sequencing the Omnichannel Customer Conversation,” I focused on customers and how they’re using various sequences of channels to purchase and get service. New customer segments in the report indicate that people follow predictable paths among digital channels, online resources and offline experiences.

In this blog I focus on enterprises and their responses to the new battleground of customer experience. What’s new is that enterprises seem to understand the seriousness of the war and are investing in sophisticated technologies such as predictive analytics to anticipate what customers want, agent tools for more visual and rich media engagement, and advanced self-service to let customers “do it themselves.”

Companies have set their priorities and are investing as follows:

75% are leveraging predictive analytics to anticipate what customers want/need.

Predictive analytics are driving better experiences: Customers encounter content that anticipates their intent, and agents who can do more to help.

72% are empowering agents with better content.

In contact centers, companies are seeking additional tools to create a more engaging experience. Companies are investing in screen sharing, video and other engaging technologies to make the experience great.

71% are improving self-service and automation rates.

Companies are working to provide greatly improved, automated self-service solutions based on context, efficiency and effectiveness.

70% are working to maintain customer context across devices and channels.

Context across channels is seen as increasingly important to the customer experience. Companies are working on solutions that take advantage of journey data by passing across channels such as mobile, web and phone.

67% are introducing new channels for customer engagement.

By understanding which channels customers choose, companies are doing more to engage customers at the right time and in the right channel.

To find out more about enterprise priorities, download the Opus Research report