What’s Your State of Online Self-Service?

Hollis Chin | March 25, 2016

It’s no secret that online self-service plays a critical role in creating a more seamless online experience for customers across virtually any organization, particularly when it comes to cost reduction or customer satisfaction improvements. Research has shown that companies experienced a 64% uplift in customer satisfaction as a result of implementing digital self-service.

The problem is that most customer experience professionals simply don’t know enough about self-service, nor how to deliver an optimal self-service solution online. Today’s customers have a high expectation when it comes to their experiences in dealing with organizations online and failing to deliver will result in negative word of mouth or even worse – switching to your competitor!

Partnering up with Esteban Kolsky, [24]7.ai has produced an exclusive survey report called The State of Online-Self Service, which will provide you with actionable insights into how Customer Experience professionals are meeting the challenge of delivering online self-service at their organizations. By leveraging this exclusive report, you’ll be well on your way to optimizing your digital self-service capabilities and ultimately, serve a much improved online experience for your customers.