Your Chat Solution is Supposed to Be Great. But What If It Isn't?

Kevin Payne | January 05, 2016

It can be a challenge to implement and maintain a chat program. We should know—we’re now the world’s largest provider of chat agents, to some of the biggest brands in major industries.

But not all chat operations are created equal—some are successful, others, well, not so much. When we talk to executives whose in-house chat fails to hit performance numbers, we’re able to identify three main reasons why.

Those reasons are so common that we figured it could help if we captured them in a short paper. If your chat ops are underperforming, it’ll be worth five minutes of your time to see what we learned from chat-challenged companies, and what they learned from us.

In "Top Three Reasons Why Chat Programs Fail," you’ll see the solutions we recommend for each of the factors in chat shortfalls.

You’ll learn:

  • How to gauge revenue that’s specifically from chat Get true incremental gains of up to 15 percent
  • How adding chat sometimes increases voice volume Why it happens and how you can reverse it
  • Why chat is sometimes more expensive than voice How you can reduce cost-per-chat to half that of voice

Download our new paper, "Top Three Reasons Why Chat Programs Fail," to see how you can turn your chat around.