Is Your Company Asking These 8 Questions to Improve Chat?

Kevin Payne | May 20, 2015

We work with companies at practically every stage of implementing chat, from still-using-static-buttons to talking-in-social-media. What are the best-performing companies doing that your company isn’t?

You’d find they’ve dealt with some or all of eight key questions that can lead to better chat, then acted on the ones that improved their particular revenue and satisfaction numbers.

The results can be dramatic. For example, forwarding customer intent by connecting another channel to chat can increase NPS by up to 10 points very quickly.

So what are those eight questions? Here are three that resonate with nearly every company. Click through to see our infographic with the full list.

1. Does your chat solution target customers most likely to buy? You can increase incremental revenue by 4 to 5% using predictive analytics and real-time decisioning to offer purchasing assistance within chat2.

2. Is chat available on your mobile app? 80% of Internet users own a smartphone.3 To retain customers you’ll need to adopt a “mobile mindset.”

3. Is your chat based on traditional rules or does it incorporate real-time modeling? With predictive analytics driving your chat, you automatically determine who to target, when and how to engage, and what to recommend.

You can learn more by downloading our infographic, “8 Questions That Could Improve Your Chat.”

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