Your Customers Don’t Want to Have a Conversation…They Want Answers!

David Lloyd | April 27, 2016

We recently conducted a survey, where we asked 1000 consumers what they thought about the service they received from the businesses they deal with. The results were truly a validation of a major shift taking place right now…the consumer led shift towards digital self-service.

Consumers Want Efficient Service

We began the survey by asking our respondents to indicate the type of relationship they want with the companies they buy from. Not surprisingly, 59% of customers wanted efficient service. An additional 24% wanted personalized service and 11% indicated they only buy certain products and that’s it.

A few years back, Matthew Dixon, Karen Freeman and Nicholas Toman, wrote a great article for the Harvard Business Review titled “Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers.” The point they were trying to get across was that customers cared more about mundane, efficient service than they did about a flashy promotion. Looks like Dixon, Freeman and Toman were on to something big.

Consumers Turn to a Company’s Website First for Answers

When it comes to channel preference, 58% of consumers indicated that they turn to a company’s website first to find answers, 25% call into the contact centre and 9% use social media or a mobile app.

Which Industry “Gets” Digital Self-Service?

While there are a few great examples of businesses across all industries that are delivering efficient online self-service along with a great customer experience, 67.2% of customers said that retailers are succeeding in this area, followed by telecom at 17.3% and utilities at 13.3%. However, the silver lining is that businesses across all industries now have the data they need to put plans in place to deliver an efficient online self-service experience for their customers.

Infographic: Your Customers Don’t Want to Have a Conversation…They Want Answers

Check out this infographic for additional trends that we uncovered in our consumer survey. But the bottom line is that the digitization of society has changed the rules of customer engagement forever. Pretty much every consumer now expects to receive efficient online self-service, and businesses should examine ways to give them just that. Your reward will be lower costs, an improvement in the online customer experience, and a nice boost in customer loyalty.

Where to Begin?

This infographic will give you many facts and figures to convince anyone at your company of the importance of providing an efficient digital self-service experience, and Virtual Agent technology is the most effective way to deliver digital self-service.