You’re Losing Sales and CSAT Because You’re Not Using Your Data

Daniel Hong | June 17, 2015

You certainly have plenty of data about your customers’ interactions (probably the last thing you need is more data you don’t utilize). The question is: are you using it to identify and target opportunities for engaging customers?

If your answer is “no,” you’re failing to create what we call “The Last Mile in Digital.” It’s the part of a customer’s journey—which otherwise would go unleveraged—in which you can you can create new opportunities to improve your CSAT and NPS scores, drive incremental revenue, and bring self-service resolution to levels you didn’t think possible.

In the process you can separate yourself from your competitors because you give your customers experiences that will bring them back.

And today, customers expect improved experiences. In a new survey1, 86% of customers said a great customer experience includes:

  • Support for the channels they want to engage in
  • Predictive experiences (meaning a company anticipates their needs and offers the best treatment for them on that device, at that time and in that channel)
  • Optimal self-service

Customers also want superior service when they make purchases online: 74% of them view optimal self-service, predictive engagements, and rich multimedia capabilities as qualities of a great purchasing experience.

So how can you begin using your data to give customers what they want?

Find out by downloading our new article, The Last Mile in Digital

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