Jul 30, 2018

[24]7 AIVA Earns Top Spot in Opus Research Decision Makers’ Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants Report


AIVA Earns Top Spot

I am pleased to announce that our flagship product [24]7 AIVA was awarded the highest rating in the Intelligent Assistant sector report from Opus Research. The 2018 edition of Opus Research’s Decision Makers’ Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants report evaluated [24]7 AIVA to be a top solution for Fortune 500 companies and considered it to be the only virtual agent solution capable of delivering unified self-service, from simple FAQs to complex, conversational issues and online transactions. The report stated that “AIVA excels beyond call deflection by answering information questions and excelling at resolving complex issues”.

As companies begin to strategically invest in “Conversational AI”, the Opus Report forecasts, that enterprise spending on the licenses and professional services that support Intelligent Assistants will exceed a projected $2 billion in 2018, heading for $5.5 billion by 2021. Catering to this ask from enterprises, solutions like [24]7 AIVA leverages AI and machine learning to not only perform tasks that require human intelligence, but also react like a human to treat a customer journey as a “conversation”, as reiterated by Opus analysts Dan Miller and Derek Top in this report.

This report, which presents a comprehensive assessment of 26 Intelligent Assistant (IA) solution providers with special focus on those offering “enterprise-grade” solutions also highlights that [24]7 AIVA’s ability to excel beyond call deflection by answering information questions and excelling at resolving complex issues comes from leveraging Bot-Human blending, which boosts machine learning alone and combines elements of both to improve results.

In line with our intent-driven customer engagement solution approach, [24]7 AIVA handles a million interactions monthly by accessing data in order to predict intent and personalize responses to resolve customer issues quickly without requiring a human agent.

To read an in-depth analysis of [24]7 AIVA, and how it performs in several critical areas, including: enabling platforms and technologies, enterprise Intelligent Assistant maturity, track record, and future plans and company vision you can download the report here.

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