When I Almost Didn’t Get Hired

Organization Development

[24]7.ai Employee




Deep Dasgupta 


I landed in Bangalore in early 2011. The last time I had visited India was in 1992. I had never worked in the country, and needed a job, since I had to return due to personal reasons. I was strongly advised that due to my lack of experience in India, I had to start at the frontline, and my best bet was the BPO industry. I shrugged and said “Okay, been there, done that.” Frontline, that is.

So I approached a recruiting firm with my resume, and they matched me to [24]7.ai Bangalore, for an agent customer service role in voice process. I had never heard of [24]7.ai, but was willing to roll with the punches. The automated voice and aptitude tests were pieces of chocolate cake, until I ran into the Voice & Accent face-to-face live interview. The lady promptly rejected me.

I was puzzled, and politely asked for the reason. She said, “You are a stability risk. You are far too overqualified for this role. If you’re really interested, then walk into our office with your resume, and ask for HR.” I was impressed with her candor, and did precisely what she suggested.

I was interviewed by many people in the span of 9 hours, and finally offered a position as Manager of Learning & Development, where I would be working with the training teams of the largest retail and banking clients at that time. After over 2 years in that role, I got the opportunity to be instrumental in establishing a new department being formed - Organization Development, which is responsible for organization-wide leadership development. The potential level of creativity and scope made my eyes light up, and I eagerly accepted.

The job satisfaction that comes with such a role is unparalleled. The level of energy and creativity it allows makes me look forward to Monday.

There are many companies who take pride in spotting talent, yet only a handful of them appreciate sincerity and passion. While talent can be upskilled and nurtured, sincerity and passion cannot.

I am pleased to attest that [24]7.ai is an organization that identifies the roots of success - sincerity and passion - and then nurtures your talent for growth once the basic ingredients are in place.