Focus On ‘Passion’, Not Results

Senior Manager, HR

[24] Employee




Dipayan Choudhury


“You’ve got to have passion in you, passion in whatever you do in your life; and, if passion is lost, everything is lost”, is a quote that resonates very deeply with me.

I believe it is extremely important to love what you do. We often have to make the work we do interesting, and I find that it is mostly up to us. I have been working in People Engagement, HR, for the last 12 years. While at work, I enjoy listening to people, since I have always been extremely eager to lend my ears to my fellow employees. They share their stories, joys, sorrows, perspectives, preferences, experiences, and so much more. We exchange ideas, introspect, and often benefit from each other’s experiences. This is something that truly keeps me going.

I like to just focus on my passion, and not the results. When I began my career, I did several things to earn recognition and rewards, but always found a feeling of emptiness within me. Eventually, I had to come to terms with reality: constantly being exhausted was doing me absolutely no good. My perspective slowly changed, and instead of the paycheck or the pat on my back, my passion became the most important metric of success for me. This feeling was simply awesome, a liberation that made my work a lot more fun, every single day.

To conclude, I just want to leave you with a few things to chew on:

  • Find your calling, your passion. Tweak it as required, and enjoy your recipe.
  • Devote 30 minutes to introspection every day, and re-craft your passion.
  • Learn how you can manage emotions and expectations.

And if you are able to do this, thank God for giving you the opportunity to do something that you love. After all, your passion is what will give you that feeling of accomplishment, and that feeling is the very definition of a successful and worthwhile career.