Growing With [24]

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Laura Mercy


Just like anybody, my journey with [24] started with a big responsibility & a clear intent to deliver my best and own every action with its results.

Growing With [24]
Just like anybody else, my journey with [24] started with a big responsibility, and the clear intent to deliver my best and own my every action, along with its results.

The journey was an interesting combination of various experiences. While the ups made me feel victorious, a few steps were hard and unfavorable, sometimes making me feel vulnerable. However, it certainly taught me great lessons that eventually made me an improved professional.

Corporates often tend to use the term 'people pleaser', but for me, adapting and building relationships with people was always an act of embracement, to be able to live amongst diverse people and cultures.

I'm immensely grateful for my team members, colleagues and friends from the [24] family. Their contribution in making a difference to my work life has infused most of my days with joyful moments. These moments have flooded my life with peace, emotional strength, love and success; leaving me feeling fulfilled and complete.

Days and years have passed by, and I live to smile, and to remember that the best is always within a mile.

The support and inclusion of minority groups within the company - such as the LGBTQ+ community and the differently abled individuals – is evident in the company not only during special events, but also on a daily basis. Every day I see people of all walks of life interact with each other like family, and it uplifts and humbles me every single time.

What I love about the interactions here at [24], is that there’s always an air of ease and acceptance, allowing me to observe and appreciate the many aspects of my colleagues. I truly believe that I'm blessed to be able to spend these countless moments with my fabulous and talented colleagues. As a [24]7ite, I live by this, and it helps me exhibit one of core values of the organization - Respect!