Three Golden Rules To Live By If You Want to Climb The Career Ladder Faster Than Ever


[24] Employee




Sateesh Francis


Right from the day I started working at [24], I was overwhelmed with joy to experience a comfortable working environment which always motivated me to come to work.

I feel the friendly culture and the fact that everyone is available to help and support you all the time, makes you feel secure that there is always someone to hear you out.

This reminds me of one important message that I would wish to convey to every individual joining any organization – do not make any perception or decision about the organization within the first 6-8 months.

You need to give it some time to settle down and for you to understand your roles and responsibilities. Once you have clarity of your job role and start to work towards achieving the defined goals, you will automatically begin to feel that personal connect with the company. You will understand that you are also important and people around you always felt that you were important.

I think this is where many new joiners make hasty decisions and even have thoughts of leaving the organization. Very often, they fail to understand that they are letting go of so many wonderful things the company has to offer them.

My second advice for career growth touch upon 3 main factors -

1) Dedication
2) Hard work and
3) Consistency in meeting or exceeding what is expected of your individual roles.

This has brought me success and growth till date. I joined [24] as an agent, now I am heading a program of approximately 240 as an Operations Manager.

I figured out what is expected of me within the first 6-8 months and began working on certain critical skills. Very soon, I started seeing the results of my hard work.

Today, I have grown 4 levels up from where I started, within the organization. The various leadership training and certification for career growth that [24] provides to all their employees at every level bring out the best in them and help them build a career providing a clear path to success.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic where numerous companies are laying off employees across the globe, I am grateful that [24] is doing everything possible to retain employees while ensuring their safety and job security.

Thank you [24] for providing me with all the support and guidance and molding me into the person that I am today.

I am proud to be a [24]7 site!