Being Unique Is Being Diverse – My Life-Changing Lesson At [24]

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Sateesh Padmanabhan


I joined the [24] L&D team almost 19 years ago and something that has always attracted me to this place (that I call my second home!) is the fact that it fosters an environment where you can be yourself. This is an organization that rightly prides itself on its diversity!

It’s time for an interesting story here.

A few days ago, I was taking a walk through my garden and I stopped to pluck a few flowers and arrange them.

When I reflected on the floral arrangement, a story started running through my mind which resonated with me and reminded so much of my workplace!

The Hibiscus told the congregation of Jasmine flowers -

“I feel so out of place in this crowd! I'm so different!”

The Jasmine flowers responded in chorus –

“No! You're stand out of the crowd! You complement add colour to our existence! Look at us... we're just plain white!”

The Hibiscus responded by stretching its petals and said –

“Thank you for all the appreciation! White stands for purity and you know are the epitome of beauty...your presence (fragrance) is second to none!”

In life, it is so important to appreciate the uniqueness in others and coexist peacefully!

While we may come from different backgrounds, it is important to accept our colleagues as they are at the workplace – this helps to create a great working environment where everyone feels they are an integral part of the organization and this motivates them to come to work every day and contribute towards the growth of the company.